We We are a group of medical professionals committed to fight against diseases. In this program, we plan to enlighten the public about injection safety.
The general public is not well aware of the threat of transmission of fatal diseases by syringes. Qualified doctors or nurses are informed of the dangers in reusing a syringe and will never attempt to risk the life of a patient, just for saving three rupees, that is the price of a syringe. The diseases are primarily transmitted when the syringes, once used and discarded, are scavenged by syringe repacking rackets, who repack it for easy money, risking the lives of his fellow beings. Most uneducated people who are engaged or involved in this racket would not do it, if they were well aware of the dangers involved.
We hope and believe that public awareness on injection safety will bring more attention not only on the necessity of destroying used syringes and disposing it properly but also on exposing the rackets operating for syringe reuse.
We are primarily funded by MERADS, a private firm at present, and expect help and support from everybody who shares our views and aims to expand our work throughout the world.